Sydney Distance Education Primary School is a global leader in providing high quality and innovative distance education to primary school students. We enrol NSW students from public and independent schools who are temporarily unable to attend their local school for a variety of circumstances. Our differentiated and adaptable approach to learning makes the school ideal for families travelling in Australia and around the world.

The SDEPS teaching program provides students with an excellent opportunity to enhance their education during their extended absence. Our highly qualified teachers cater for all students’ learning needs through personalised learning programs. We create highly engaging and innovative learning materials aligned to NESA Syllabuses.

Students are provided with individualised support, as well as given opportunities for collaboration through our online lessons and peer to peer interaction. We use a wide variety of emerging technologies to provide engaging and challenging learning experiences for students, no matter where they are in the world. Sydney Distance Education Primary School is truly a global force in the ever changing world of distance learning. 

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Premier's Sporting Challenge 2019

Premier's Sporting Challenge 2019