Who can enrol in Sydney Distance Education Primary School?

All primary aged students from government and non-government schools. You must be an Australian resident and live or have lived in our enrolment area. Kindergarten students must turn five by the end of July in the year that they are enrolling.

How does it work?

Lessons are posted to students on paper in fortnightly packages. Teachers usually send multiple packages at the same time - one parcel of work can contain lessons for between two and ten weeks (a full term’s work) depending on a student’s age and circumstances. After completing their work on paper, students photograph and submit their work digitally to the school’s digital learning platform, Canvas. Students are encouraged to photograph and submit their work as soon as possible after completing it so that their teacher can give them timely feedback. Lessons are usually organised within a fortnight after the enrolment has been approved. If possible, a visit to meet a teacher and to pick up the first set of lessons is arranged.

Are there any face-to-face lessons?

Yes - students will be given opportunities to study with their peers online via video conferencing software.

How many hours a day are spent studying?

Generally 3-4 hours a day for lessons and other educational activities (approximately 20-22 hrs per week).

How do we keep in touch with the teacher?

Teachers will give you their direct telephone line, their email and details of how to connect with them via video conference. Students are also able to interact with teachers and their classmates on Canvas. You can contact your teacher anytime during the school day or by leaving a voicemail on the school phone after hours. We request that you contact your teacher as soon as possible if you have changed your plans.

Do I need to notify my child’s current school before enrolling?

YES – We will also send an endorsement to be signed by your current school’s Principal when your enrolment application is received.

Can we enrol in another school?

NO – You cannot enrol in another school. You are considered to be a full-time enrolment with us. You can attend another school on a partial basis for social and other activities. You must have the permission of our principal and also the principal of the other school.

What syllabus do we use?

We use the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) syllabuses, written by the NSW Board of Studies. This curriculum is used in all NSW schools. We also use the government school based yearly calendar.

Are students at the appropriate academic level when they finish Distance Education?

Students will be at their appropriate academic level or above when they finish with the school. We liaise with their new school to ensure that the student has a smooth transition into their school.

What does Distance Education cost?

A non-refundable 'Enrolment Fee' for all students of $150 per student or $300 per family (2 or more students) is payable at the time of enrolment for the stated duration of enrolment. This fee contributes towards the cost of providing 'once only use' resources supplied by the school which are kept by the student. These will also include some mathematics and visual arts equipment and resources.

Please do not pay the fees until the Enrolment Application has been approved.

Payments can be made by the following methods:

• Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard only). Contact to provide your details.

• Parent Online Payment ‐ Go to Sydney Distance Education Primary School website and click on Make a Payment

Where can I find more information?

For more information please read our Enrolment Information Booklet, which is located on this website. If you think that you meet all the criteria, please contact us by phone or email and we will arrange the appropriate enrolment forms to be sent to you.

How and when should I apply for enrolment?

6 weeks before departure (or earlier if there are school holidays within the next six weeks): Contact the SDEPS enrolment officer to request enrolment forms or download them from the website.

5 weeks before departure: Complete the Application to Enrol in NSW Government School form, the Application form for the applicable category and the About Me booklet. Gather all required documents together.

4 weeks before departure: Inform your present school of your plans to enrol with Sydney Distance Education Primary School. Return all forms, required documents, fees and itinerary to SDEPS.

Note: A request will be sent to your student's present school for the Principal’s Endorsement and for a report to be completed outlining your student's performance and attainments.

3 weeks before departure: You will be contacted to make an appointment to visit our school.

1 week before departure: Visit our school to meet the teacher who will conduct an assessment of your student’s needs.