Year 4 - Parent
To all of the wonderful teachers and staff at SDEPS, we can't thank you enough for the amazing level of care provided to our daughter this year.
Your program, course and feedback has exceeded our expectations and truely helped her grow and blossom. The dedication to her growth has really made a difference.
I can't speak highly enough of our experience at SDEPS.
Year 4 Parent ( Overseas Traveller)
Year 5 - Parent
I appreciate your efforts and I am so glad I had the chance to be part of your school. It was an amazing experience. The content was extensive and comprehensive. Fantastic. We will miss you guys. The teachers have given great feedback.. none that I have experienced from any other school.
Stage 3 - Parent
Her time with SDEPS has played a vital role in her recovery in isolation and has offered her so much more than academic strengthening. We are very grateful for such a wonderful program.
Stage 3 - Parent
Thank you for your hard work over the 12 months that the girls have been enrolled. We have truly appreciated the efforts that SDEPS puts forth in taking care of your students. We feel the girls will be in good stead when they return to their local school with the level of schoolwork and projects that they have carried out whilst being enrolled in SDEPS. The work was challenging and pushed them to do more than they would possibly have done in a classroom environment. (Anthony and Michelle, 26/2/18)
Stage 3 - Parent
You have genuinely made a difference to their progress this year and we feel very lucky to have had such wonderful support and direction from you. Thank you so much for all your hard work and wonderful feedback.
You have been an absolute life saver and I would be more than happy to highly recommend the school to anyone in the future.
Natalie - Parent
A big thank you to all at SDEPS for supporting Ruby and Max’s learning over the past 5 months and for the high quality learning opportunities and experiences you provided. We’re confident they will return to school well equipped and will not have been disadvantaged in any way due to their absence. We can’t speak highly enough of the SDEPS program and will be happily spreading the word about the great service you provide.
Ruby - Stage 3 Student
I thoroughly enjoyed my time learning with SDEPS. There was always a variety of high quality learning tasks, not just mindless work designed to keep me busy. I really appreciated the almost instant, personalised feedback I received from my teachers. It helped me to set personal goals and improve my results.
Max - Stage 2 Student
I liked learning with SDEPS. There was always lots of fun things to do like bird watching and making puppets. I was even still able to complete the Premiers Sporting Challenge! I learnt how to organise my time and follow a plan so that all my work was completed on time. I think the feedback from my teachers helped improve my learning. ​
Stage 2 - Parent
We are very grateful for the wonderful teachers at SDEPS that Lani has had over the past 3 years and would like to thank you very, very much for all of your assistance this year.
Stage 2 Parent (Travelling GAT Student)
Stage 2 - Parent
We have had a wonderful experience with Sydney Distance Education and I just wish this was offered as an alternative to attending a school in a fixed location. Lilli has excelled in this wonderful program and with dedicated teachers, it is an amazing way to teach children.
I am hoping that when our bus is eventually finished, we will be able to continue in this program with Lilli to the full two years allowed in this program.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Sarah and Amelia for making Lilli’s time at Sydney Distance Education such a joy.
Thank you once again
Stage 2 Parent (Travelling Student with ALSN)
Stage 1 - Parent
I would like to thank you for all of the attention you have given to him over the past two terms. You have made this a wonderful experience for him and our whole family. Dylan was so enthusiastic about making the Spartacus movie that he has taken his new movie-making skills and is making another movie about the Dinosaur stampede we have just visited at Winton. He wanted to send it to his old school in Wyoming as it is something he told them about before we left. (If you like, I will send it to you too when he is finished, as soon as I can anyway). Thanks again for everything.
Stage 1 Parent (Travelling student with ALSN)