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2019 Wakakirri Screen Challenge

Thank you to all of the students who participated in the 'Pass It On' unit, as part of the 2019 Wakakirri Screen Challenge.

Wakakirri is Australia largest performing arts event for schools K-12. 2019 was the first year SDEPS has participated.

Here's a rundown of our Screen Challenge entry, 'Pass It On':

The principal of Sydney Distance Education Primary School has an important message that must go out to the students today. He passes it to a teacher who begins the pass-it-on sequence. Students respond to the message in their own, unique way as the message is passed from one child to the next, travelling the globe.

Wakakirri have now finalised the 2019 Screen Challenge shortlist. Our entry 'Pass It On' won the 'Performance Award' as well as Performance and Production awards for:

  • ​Direction
  • Film Editing
  • Special Effects
  • Sustainable Production, and
  • Concept/Theme
The feedback we got on our entry was “Lots of fun to watch and a very original idea – Wow factor is the organisation planning, co ordination into this piece is fantastic!”. This feedback was provided by actress Petra Glieson. Mark Holden, who may know from Australian Idol, The X Factor and Dancing with the Stars also watched and rated our video.

Unfortunately, we did not make it through to the final round. The amount of schools entering this year was the highest it's been for quite some time so we had a lot of competition. ​Please make sure to watch and share our 'Pass It On' video. Our 'extended cut' video will be out in October. This will feature late entries and additional students who contributed to the 'Pass It On' project. ​